Instant Kava: What it is and how to use it

Instant Kava: What it is and how to use it

August 29, 2019

What is "Instant Kava"?

Author Kyle Shigekuni / Category Kava / Published: Aug-28-2019

With the sudden buzz around this wonderful tea we call “kava” or “kava kava”, new bars specializing in the tea have been popping up around the nation in dense city dwelling areas. But for many fans and enthusiasts, these bars are still not available in their area, leaving them left to stick it out on their own and home brew.

However, with the arduous process not being well suited for the on-the-go fanatic, there has to be an easier solution.

Enter “instant kava"

Kava, roughly speaking, is a lot like coffee in certain ways. Coffee beans needs to be ground down, brewed, and filtered before you drink it. Similarly kava roots need to be ground down, brewed, and filtered to be drank.
Coffee has different grind sizes dependent on how you're going to imbibe. There's thicker coffee grind for french press, medium for v/60, and very fine for espresso machines

Bowl of DrinkRoot kava

Coffee also has an instant version that is pre-brewed and freeze dried for immediate use (Folgers instant coffee immediately brings back memories of my grandparents). So kava should have one too right?

The types of Instant Kava

There’s two types of “instant” kava’s, Dehydrated kava juice and micronized kava. We’re going to ignore pastes, pills and tinctures since they technically fall into the kava extract category (We talk of them here).
Micronized kava technically isn’t an instant, since it’s just the regular kava root ground down finer than normal. Just like how you don’t eat coffee beans, you’re not supposed to eat the kava roots. It’s akin to eating espresso powder and the root can cause stomach or liver issues (more on that in this post for First Timers)

A tin of DrinkRoot kava's "Instant Connoisseur"

That leaves dehydrated kava juice.
Dehydrated kava juice is made by taking pre-washed kava root powder, then using the well-established traditional method of combining only warm filtered water and the kava power. The kava and water is then meshed and mixed over time to generate the proper blend, in a very similar method to that which you would normally make kava with at home in a bowl with a strainer/bag. The final filtered kava juice is then evaporated to create a dried instant kava powder.
This powder is very similar to something like powdered chocolate milk, or other instant drink mixes like tang, crystal lite, etc.
The result is a true instant kava, able to be immediately mixed into your beverage of choice. In this way it's very similar to something like other instant drink mixes (tang, crystal lite.. instant coffee!).
The real beauty is how you can mix it with any beverage: water, juice, Pellegrino (my fave!), or even a chocolate milkshake.
There are many kinds of kava that claim to be instant. We’ve personally ordered from almost every kava brand in the US, only to find each “instant kava” is usually just micronized kava. (Let us know if you find one that isn't!)

How to use instant kava

So you want to try a true instant kava? Makes sense. It's way too convenient. Well you should probably know how much to use and where it’s from right?
Unlike micronized kava, dehydrated kava juice is an extremely potent traditional form of kava. This means you need less to get the same effect.
A usual serving of kava is 1 ounce of the dried root powder.
For someone who's testing out micronized powder, it’s about 28 grams. For a normal serving of instant kava juice, you will only need about 2 grams, which is 1/2 tsp.
We usually recommend first timers to take about double the amount ~1 tsp, to get over their reverse tolerance to kava.

Just add powder to any liquid. Mix and serve.

Quick reminders. Please remember to have an empty stomach (usually 4-6 hours after a meal). Also I don't recommend doing it in social situations off the bat, as it's better to get used to the experience first and tune in to that kava vibe. Aaaand please don't drive if you throw back a couple bowls.


Instant kava is convenient, discreet and loads of fun.

Especially if it's brewed in the traditional ways recommended by the World Health Organization (W.H.O.), instant kava can be an essential part of your daily routine.

Plus, It's also nice to not have your 1lb bag of kava confiscated at the TSA security (a story for another day)

Bula bula!

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