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A premium blend of true noble roots from the Republic of Vanuatu. The closest to a great cup at the nakamal outside of hopping on a plane to the island itself

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latest batch numbers: 10/10/21

island of origin: Vanuatu

style: varietal blend

chemotype: 243516

kavalactones: 10.2%

lat/basal ratio: 40/60

batch processing: fully peeled and washed, sundried, processed in warm r/o water, strained and quickly dehydrated using proprietary method

If you're a kava lover, this dihydrokavain (DHK) heavy blend is well balanced with a nice
headiness and moderate body sedation. On the tongue there is a medium earthy flavor,
less spice and definitely more palatable than normal Vanuatu blends.



DrinkRoot Instant Kava starts with a careful selection of either single origin harvests or a hand selected blend of the top noble varietals, to create a unique premium mixture. Every amalgamated batch of roots first undergoes a strict QC analysis to ensure premium kavalactone characteristics and content to match your desired experience profile.

The proprietary blend is then carefully brewed and homogenized in a closed temperature controlled environment with warm filtered water to mimic traditional brew methods. After juice is pressed it is rapidly dehydrated so it can be immediately added to any liquid without any filtering needed!

No bark. No fillers. No micronized roots. Pure kava.

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We're a tiny team of excited kava enthusiasts who believe
in the love of kava tea and sharing kava with the world!

Over the last few years, we've worked with a small yet beautiful organic farm in Vanuatu to make our unique blends of kava tea. Laboriously selecting only the top varietals in the regions to make the perfect blends for your everyday kava drinker, to the individual just getting their feet wet on their journey.

Since our first launch, we have heard hundreds of amazing stories from supporters all around the nation, on what our kava has done for them and their family. We've had a fair share of ups and downs, borderline bankruptcies, liquidating personal items to cover lost shipments
~ but we're never giving up.

We're available around the clock, and will be doing our best answer your questions and make you a welcomed to be a part of the family.

When you are supporting DrinkRoot, know that you are supporting a family-run business who believes in the love of kava, and making it accessible to everyone.

Thank you for listening and feel free to reach out to us anytime!
From our family to yours, Mahalo!

-Kyle Shigekuni
Co-Founder DrinkRoot Kava


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We believe in the love of kava and making it accessible to everyone.
Come join us on this revolution to take back our lives.

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