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What is kava?


Kava is a ceremonial drink from the South Pacific Islands.
It is known for its natural anxiety releasing, sedative, and euphoria inducing effects.

Is kava safe?


Kava is generally recognized as a safer/healthier alternative to alcohol as long as it is consumed in the traditional form.

We generally don't recommend non-traditional methods of using kava. This pertains to: pills, concentrates, tintctures, and micronized kava.

Read more about this topic here.


How will kava make me feel?


Depending on which kava you are drinking, it will make you
feel either artistic and creative, or heavy and deeply relaxed.


How long DO the effects last?

Kava has different effects that last varying amounts of time.

Depending on the varietal, the initial sedative and muscle melting effect will usually last between 1-2 hours.

The euphoria and headiness can last a little longer and the lingering
anti-anxiety effects has been observed to last over 24 hours.

I am new to kava,
how long will it take before I feel the effects?

Welcome to the world of kava!

It will take 10-15 minutes to start feeling the effects but do keep in mind you
may have to double your dose to get over the reverse tolerance wall.

What time of the day should I take it?

It depends on the varietal.

For heady/creative kava’s you can probably take them at almost anytime during the day, as long as you don’t overdo it.

With medium sedative and heavier kavas,
like our connoisseur, we recommend to take them in the evening.

Regardless of when you take it, we recommend to not operate heavy machinery during that time


Is it safe to use everyday of the year?

We don’t recommend to do anything every day of the year.
But we haven’t seen any adverse effects from our dehydrated juices.

Is kava addictive?

Kava has not been shown to be addictive. There are plenty of research articles stating this

Can you mix kava and alcohoL?

We generally don’t recommend it since both are processed through the liver.

Is drinkroot suitable for children?

We don’t recommend children under the age of 18 to consume kava.

Can pregnant or breastfeeding women use kava?

We don’t recommend this group to use kava mostly because there is no clinical data on it.

Are there different types of kava?
(tudei/ noble)

There are MANY different varietals of kava, but the biggest
grouping is if they are either Noble or Tudei.

Noble kava’s are generally grow between 3 - 5+ years and have lower levels of sedation than Tudeis.

Tudei’s are quick growing kava’s with very powerful sedative effects but are also known to give things called “kava hangovers” that can last multiple days. Hences "two-day" = "tu-dei" of hangover symptoms.

What are kavalactones?

These are the actives in kava that give kava its unique characteristics.

How come you use warm water for batching instead of cold water?

We let it soak in hot liquid because it helps to loosen the resinous actives in the root. It just increases efficiency... kind of like changing the oil in your car. You can let the oil come out when the car is cold, but it'll come out slowly.

If you let the car run for a few minutes it will warm up a bit (not to where the oil is burning hot) and the oil will drain MUCH quicker because the viscosity decreases as the temperature increases.

general questions

How does ‘reverse tolerance’ work?
And why is it relevant to know?

The reverse tolerance is an odd phenomenon in the kava world where the more
often you drink kava, the less you will need to take to get the same effects.

It’s still unclear the reasoning behind this but keep this in mind as you
begin your kava journey. If you are experiencing a reverse tolerance,
pay attention and set a clear benchmark.

As time goes on your body will begin to adapt and you
will need less to get the same effects.

Is the ‘reverse tolerance’ a one time experience?

Again the research is unclear.

Usually we don’t see people needing to get over another reverse
tolerance unless they’ve abstained from kava for at least a few months

Is kava safe to mix with alcohol?

We do not recommend to mix kava with alcohol.

Especially if you take any extract version in pill, concentrate,
tincture, or micronized form. Do NOT mix these with alcohol.

How often can I have kava?

It’s really up to you. Some people partake kava a couple times a week, while some drink it everyday. If you decide to drink everyday we recommend to take breaks every few weeks

What is the difference between Connoisseur, Raw Epicure, Kahuna, etc.?

Every kava blend and varietal has different effects
thanks to their unique active ingredients.

Our Connoisseur blend can be slightly more sedating kava with
medium headiness and medium muscle loosening effects. The Statera is a more balanced premium blend where you could experience more headiness than the Connoisseur

Our Raw Epicure, Kahuna, and Wakea blends are usually more
“Heady” with little to no muscle relaxation/sedation,
but can have very high amounts of releasing effects.

how many servings are in A tin?

For our instant kava, one scoop is about 2 grams or one leveled teaspoon.
So a 50g jar will have 25 servings in it.

However, you can adjust this to your liking as most supporters tend to partake in multiple scoops

For the traditional grind kava, you'll get an approximate of 15cups for a 150g jar. But since they're a bit stronger (depending on how you batch it), you can water it down to 20 cups.


What is the shelf life of an opened jar?

As long as store the jar in a cool dark place it will last up to a year or to its expiration date.

Various things may shorten the shelf life such as relative humidity in your home, oxidation from opening and closing the jar, sunlight exposure, wet hands.

Also keep in mind the product doesn’t necessarily go bad since it is such a low moisture content (ie, no real growth of bacteria), it's more that the kava loses potency over time.

Where is drinkroot kava made?

Unlike most brands on the market, our kava comes from
the islands they are grown on straight to our processors. We then process the drink into a potent instant dehydrated form right here in the states.

Is drinkroot FDA approved?

drinkroot is a dietary supplement.

The FDA does not approve food, beverage, or dietary supplements.
However, we are working with officials to set the standard for
quality control in order to help this industry.

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