How to make instant kava

How to make instant kava

August 29, 2019

Making Instant Kava (A quick how to video)

Author Kyle Shigekuni / Category Kava / Published: Aug-28-2019

*Note. We have been using the wrong measurement scale. The correct dosage is 1 leveled tsp.

The old dosage of 1/2 rounded tsp is not as accurate as 1 leveled tsp. A big thanks to supporter Ryan B for noticing this and informing us.


A quick "how to" when making instant kava. You can of course substitute water for your favorite drink (my current favorite is almond milk!) Read more about what instant kava is here.

Quick Instant Kava Recipe

  • 1 leveled tsp of dehydrated kava juice
  • 6 oz of water

Mix well and... that's it!

If this is the first time you're trying kava, we recommend to read about what kava is, a little history about the root and what you should expect to experience (read time 6 mins).

Also if the video is not loading you can watch it on youtube here

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