Medium Grind Kava - Please use a proper strainer and batch in traditional style

This is a unique kava that I can break out into a whole sonnet about, but should probably let you experience it for yourself. I do not recommend drinking this kava before bed as our teams mind was going wild and most of us couldn't sleep. We named it "wakea" after the god of the sky and light, as the experience reminded us of a light awakening within us. It's.. a curious one, to say the least.

On the tongue this kava is quiet delicious. It is a sweet wheatgrass with a cucumber juice back. Effects are more on the heady side, but expansive in creativity. we recommend it for daytime or pre-evening time

No bark.
No fillers.
No micronized roots.
Pure kava.

latest batch numbers: 3/5/23

island of origin: Hawaii
style: panaewa
chemotype: 463215
kavalactones: 10.5%
lat/basal ratio: 40/60
batch processing: fully peeled and washed then quickly dehydrated using proprietary method
flavor notes:
watercress | cucumber juice

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