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premium instant kava juice

One of the most magical things about small batch kava is the profound differences in experience from jar to jar.

A fresh blend of juice made by squeezing out roots carrying raw kava juice. Closest thing to a natural cup of kava outside of hopping on the plane to the island itself!

What is kava?

Haven’t heard of kava? Kava is made from the roots of a pepper plant native to the South Pacific. It has a fascinating earthy yet numbing taste, that results from the high level of calming actives in the roots.

Natural kava is vegan, gluten-free, nonaddictive, and full of liver protecting properties.

How many servings

All of our jars have a scooper. 1 scoop is between 170mg - 300mg+ of kavalactones depending on the blend or varietal.

This is more of a guidance since all kava's have different experience profiles.

Regardless, expect 50+ servings with a 100g jar

Is kava safe

Kava is generally recognized as a safer/healthier non-addictive alternative to alcohol as long as it is consumed in the traditional form.

For this reason we generally DO NOT recommend non-traditional methods of using kava such as: pills, concentrates, ready-to-drink made with concentrates, tinctures, and micronized kava. These are convenient but aside for the last one, they shouldn't be called kava. In the same way you don't put caffeine in a pill and call it coffee, you shouldn't put extract in a soda can and call it kava.

Traditional kava has not been shown to be addictive in clinical trials and does not activate physiological or psychological addiction tendancies found in beverages and supplements like alcohol or kratom.

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"a healthier alternative to alcohol and caffeine"

"exceptionally potent... strongest instant kava I’ve tried"

"like I’d been lulled to sleep on a cloud"

"My muscles feel rubbery and my upper body feels light"

why we made this

great for those moments to cheer on your bud who's crushing a route

For real explorers escaping the clutches of technology

Ever wanted to try a fresh cup of kava but not down to buy a $1000+ ticket to the islands? We got you covered.

We created the raw epicure blend through sourcing high kavain varietals heavy in their heady/euhporia experience. These types of blends are most sought after at the more popular nakamals (kava bars) on the island. So we found the highest quality versions we could source, brewed it overseas, then rapidly dehydrated the juice to preserve freshness, flavor, and potency.

Just pour a scoop or two into a small amount of water and enjoy as clear calming perception meets the characteristic mild body float. Very drinkable and quite mouth numbing.

This kava is perfect for daytime exploration or mid work breather sessions when looking for creativity.

You'll love the versatility and flavor of this blend. Grab a jar today

Generic kava is BORING. Don't be boring.

Join the journey with drinkroot

raw epicure

latest batch numbers: 6/10/24

about raw epicure

A True Instant Raw Kava tea

If you're a kava lover you know on the islands you can drink "raw/green kava" made from these fresh roots. In America you can only drink kava made from dried roots. So we decided to brew the fresh kava juice out on the islands, dehydrate it, and bring this experience to the states.

The Kavain heavy blend is higher in heady/euphoria. A clear calming perception is balanced with a mild body float. A very drinkable kava, an initial lemon/grass spice onset is balanced with an even numbing sensation. Perfect for a daytime exploration.

island: vanuatu
style: all day blend
chemotype: 423516
kavalactones: avg 7.6%

experience profile:













flavor notes:

raw cashew milk | white pepper

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what people are saying

99% would recommend this product

what is instant kava

cheers to the world of instant kava

Often imitated never duplicated

drinkroot instant kava starts with a careful selection of either single origin harvests or a hand selected blend of the top noble varietals, to create a unique premium mixture.

After harvest, every amalgamated batch of roots first undergoes a strict QC analysis to ensure premium kavalactone characteristics and content to match your desired experience profile.

The proprietary blend is then carefully brewed and homogenized in a closed temperature controlled environment with warm filtered water to mimic traditional brew methods. After juice is pressed it is rapidly dehydrated so it can be immediately added to any liquid without any filtering needed!

No bark.
No fillers.
No micronized roots.
Pure kava.

why drinkroot

category others drinkroot kava

organic and pesticide free farms

small batch / single origin varietals

WHO* approved manufacturing practices

no additives, no artificial sweeteners

chemotype & kavalactone testing

FDA & cGMP packaging facility

Own the highest quality varietals to leave the islands. Experience the REAL world of kava

*WHO = World Health Organization

how to make perfect cup of kava

1 leveled tsp per serving

add water
2-4 ounces of room
temp water

mix well until powder has dissolved.

if flavor is too strong, add more water.

sit back, relax and enjoy

in your favorite chill spot.

adjust your experience

1 scoop
light elation -
perfect amount to feel calming stress relief

2 scoops*
deeper euphoria -
more intense feeling of calm

3+ scoops**
heavier sedation -
for nights needing a heavier experience

consume on empty stomach for stronger effects

*recommended for first timers
**we generally don't recommend taking more than 2 scoops.
if you do please do not operate heavy machinery.

customize your experience the way you want it. Get a jar today

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