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After much deliberation and your gracious feedback for daytime kava de-stressers, we worked with our farm to blend this special everyday drinkable kava. Formulated to keep your anxiety low without disrupting mental clarity or zapping muscular energy. 
Carefully concocted for its mellow flavor, smoothness, and high Kavain/DHM kavalactone ratio, this ceremonial grade raw kava juice is in a class of its own. Derived from fresh cut raw noble roots, the “Raw Connoisseur" is guaranteed to be the closest you can get to a fresh bowl of the grog, outside of hopping on the plane Vanuatu itself

Kavain/Dihidroxymethysticin Kavalactone Ratio:


Flavor Profile:

Bitter lemongrass, light earth with slight white pepper spice. Tangy. Smoother onset yet potent kavain effects


Strong mental clarity. Heady, high stress reduction, slight numbness and light euphoria. Calming and enchanting but not fatiguing.

Serving Amount:

4g per packet ~ 2-4 ounces of normal dried kava


No straining necessary! Simply pour in HALF a pack with 8 ounces of cold or room temp water and mix well. If flavor is too strong, add more water. Best when used on an empty stomach

Kick back a bowl with us and let the stresses melt away. Bula!  

DrinkRoot’s Kava is a natural anti-anxiety tea made from the ground up roots of the Yaqona plant (piper methysticum). Heralded as the national drink of Fiji, the tea has been used for thousands of years in the Pacific Ocean Cultures of Polynesia. It's an essential beverage used in medicine, hula, religion, business, political and social situations.

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