statera blend - 150g

premium traditional kava

For the person first getting into kava and looking for a balanced blend, we recommend the statera. It's the perfect balance of release/sedation. Use it as a mid-day chill-out beverage, post-work release, or whenever you need to get levelheaded.

Perfect for evenings in with friends.


150g jar


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Medium Grind Kava - Please use a proper strainer and batch in traditional style

I was looking for a varietal blend that wasn't going to get me stuck in a couch, but would also be the perfect night cap or N/A cocktail addition I could sneak into bars with.

Hence why I was so stoke when we came upon this unique mixture of three Vanuatu varietals. Even though our reserve series is out, the statera is still one of the main blends we return to the most due to its incredibllky smooth body and more centering characteristics than most others we carry. As a team we probably drink more statera than any of the other blends since it's so universal and one of the easiest to mix in cocktails.

Now available in traditional grind

Statera starts with a careful selection of top noble varietals, to create a unique premium mixture. Every amalgamated batch of roots first undergoes a strict QC analysis to ensure premium kavalactone characteristics and content to match your desired experience profile.

No bark.
No fillers.
No micronized roots.
Pure kava.

latest batch numbers: 3/5/23

island of origin: vanuatu
style: varietal blend
chemotype: 425631
kavalactones: 7.3%
lat/basal ratio: 30/70
batch processing: fully peeled, washed, and quickly dehydrated using proprietary method
flavor notes:
bitter cream | walnut | cereal

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