connoisseur bottled


Hailing from the Republic of Vanuatu, "The Connoisseur" is a high end blend of noble kava roots chosen strictly for its potency. 

Brewed right here in Brooklyn, this kava is first massaged in 3/2 ratio of hot filtered water to full fat coconut milk. Then left to sit for a minimum of 60 minutes at constant temperature of 140deg F. The kava is then filtered and bottled immediately for a potent on-the-go experience! 

A bit stronger of an earthy flavor and experience than most others - this heavy hitter is definitely not recommended for the beginner!

As always, enjoy responsibly.

*We apologize but, we will no longer be selling bottled versions of our kava online and have discontinued local distribution. Please check out our instant blends and continue spreading the love of our kava!

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Type: Traditional

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