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single origin kelai

premium traditional kava

Reserve kelai batch #002 greets you with a creamy nuttiness and mild numbing palette, before quickly expanding to a warm open minded experience of presence and unfiltered perception.

Powerful. Refreshing. Kelai


150g jar


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Medium Grind Kava - Please use a proper strainer and batch in traditional style

For an illuminating experience to close out our reserve series this holiday season, we grabbed the most sought after varietal on the islands this year. A cerebrial delight known as Kelai.

As connoisseurs of our kava will agree, Kelai is quite an intense experience. Imagine our Wakea blend, but bigger.

The subtle nuances of our Reserve Kelai batch #002 unfold like a Panaewa blend with the heft of a Bir Kar for an experience unique to it's own. Initially it greets you with a creamy nuttiness and mild numbing, then expands to a warm open minded awareness of presence and perception.

We have to admit, althought these creamy spiced layers do represent the best Vanuatu has to offer, it was really the unique mental clarity that won us over in the batch test session with this Kelai.

This one HITS

Hailing from the Vanuatu's SouthEast region on the island of Epi. An untouched paradise, this kava grows on extremely fertile volcanic soil with natural ash embedded into the light subsoil. Here the kava roots can grow freely, unobstructed and can pull from the abundance of key nutrients that can act as a stimulant for the plants growth.

Those nutrients really did something with this one. I'm hoping the next plants in this series can live up to the name as well.

We processed this one raw so the flavors are more prevalent and the nuances to the experience are kept intact. Closest thing to a cup of raw juice outside of hopping on a plane to Vanuatu itself

We hope you enjoy and thank you for your continued love and support.

No bark.
No fillers.
No micronized roots.
Pure kava.

latest batch numbers: 3/28/23

island of origin: vanuatu
style: single origin kelai batch #002
chemotype: 421365
kavalactones: 6.7%
lat/basal ratio: 30/70
batch processing: fully peeled and washed then quickly dehydrated using proprietary method
flavor notes:
almond butter | bitter cacao

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