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Our special reserve series represents the cream of the crop for each respective varietal we could find.

reserve bir kar

s.o. premium traditional kava

The world of single origin kava is a realm of enchanting variety, where each varietal promises an entirely different experience.

Finally... the famous mental delight straight from Santo. A vanuatu kava through and through, this heavy hitter is a great one for Thursdays kicking it back with friends, when you're looking to relax at the end of a hard workday, or even for those afterwork sessions you're looking to turn in with. Yoga anyone? 🤸‍♂️

What is kava?

Haven’t heard of kava? Kava is made from the roots of a pepper plant native to the South Pacific. It has a fascinating earthy yet numbing taste, that results from the high level of calming actives in the roots.

Natural kava is vegan, gluten-free, nonaddictive, and full of liver protecting properties.

How many servings

Each jar servings depend deeply on how strong you batch it . Keep in mind you can also batch multiple times.

Regardless, expect 14+ servings per jar

Is kava safe

Kava is generally recognized as a safer/healthier non-addictive alternative to alcohol as long as it is consumed in the traditional form.

For this reason we generally DO NOT recommend non-traditional methods of using kava such as: pills, concentrates, ready-to-drink made with concentrates, tinctures, and micronized kava. These are convenient but aside for the last one, they shouldn't be called kava. In the same way you don't put caffeine in a pill and call it coffee, you shouldn't put extract in a soda can and call it kava.

Traditional kava has not been shown to be addictive in clinical trials and does not activate physiological or psychological addiction tendancies found in beverages and supplements like alcohol or kratom.

Currently available in 150g jars

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"a healthier alternative to alcohol and caffeine"

"exceptionally potent... strongest instant kava I’ve tried"

"like I’d been lulled to sleep on a cloud"

"My muscles feel rubbery and my upper body feels light"

why we made this

Best for solo evenings and deep meditative exercises

Today was exhausting

I had a pretty bad day today. I was already at my limit, but I had promised to help a friend talk through something after work. How could I show to the brewery, arms wide open, and be there for him? Answer = Reserve bir kar.

On days you are looking for some bright elation and remembrance that everything, really everything, is going to be okay, you can rely on our bir kar. Within minutes after my first cup the frustrations faded, my attitude changed, and I was fully present with my friend. Life is too short to let erratic emotions distract you from the beauty of true human connection.

No, the problem is not fixed. And yes I'm still frustrated with what happened today. BUT this batch of bir kar gave me some more perspective, and for that I'm deeply grateful. Thank you Bir Kar.

Generic kava is BORING. Don't be boring.

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reserve bir kar

latest batch numbers: 6/20/24

about bir kar

Our Bir Kar is grown in a secluded lush region of Espiritu Santo where the soil is light and very nutrient-dense. This kava varietal itself is a truly delightful experience acting more like a premium eastern pacific varietal than a traditional Vanuatan kava. It sports a nutty-like aroma and dark red stems that come about as the plant matures over the years.

We believe this fine version is a classic example of the varietal but leaning a bit more toward the headiness side, which we thought fitting to round out our reserve series. It is quick and potent, providing a clean headiness and heavy relaxing effect.

Like the rest of our raw kava's, this is freshly harvested then squeezed of it's raw juice. The closest thing to a fresh cup of raw kava juice outside of hopping on a plane to Espiritu itself!

Great for opening up your mind during those artistic sessions

We hope you enjoy and thank you for your continued love and support.

island: vanuatu
style: single origin
chemotype: 423561
kavalactones: avg 7.5%

experience profile:













flavor notes:

peanuts | toasted flour | light pepper

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what is traditional kava

cheers to the world of exquisite kava's

For the purist at heart

drinkroot traditional kava starts with a careful selection of either single origin harvests or a hand selected blend of the top noble varietals, to create a unique premium mixture.

After the plant is pulled from the ground, the basal and lateral roots are separated, debarked, and cut up into manageable chunks for drying. Afterward every batch of roots undergoes a strict QC analysis to ensure premium kavalactone characteristics and content to match your desired experience profile.

No bark.
No weak filler roots.
Pure. Powerful. kava.

our favorite batching method

cheers to the world of exquisite kava's

The recipe

Our favorite way to make kava. You can go the long way, shorten this however you like, but this consistently makes the strongest grogs.


  • 2-3 ounces of kava kava dried root powder
  • 2 ounces of full-fat coconut milk
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 strainer (nut bag, cheesecloth, etc)
  • 1 water boiler w/thermostat
  • 1 large bowl
  • Slices of Pineapple for taste

Extra Key Takeaways

  • Use a quality nut bag. Between 75-100 micron. Here's the one we recommend https://amzn.to/3eCboTh 
  • Coconut milk (or another fat emulsifier)
  • Hot water ~ 140F or slightly lower. I'm using this boiler - https://amzn.to/3CIvtiB
  • Steep 45min to 1 hour (You can go more but I get impatient)
  • Wring and mesh out the kava for 10-15 minutes

why drinkroot

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organic and pesticide free farms

small batch / single origin varietals

WHO* approved manufacturing practices

no additives, no artificial sweeteners

chemotype & kavalactone testing

FDA & cGMP packaging facility

Own the highest quality varietals to leave the islands. Experience the REAL world of kava

*WHO = World Health Organization

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