a drinkroot reserve series

single origin bir kar

premium traditional kava

Finally... the famous mental delight straight from Santo.

The second in our special drinkroot reserve series, this naturally processed kava is full of raw kava juice flavor. Reminiscent of knocking back warm peanuts on a porch with friends during a beautiful summer afternoon.

Quick and potent with a clean headiness


150g jar


Sold out


Medium Grind Kava - Please use a proper strainer and batch in traditional style

Our Bir Kar is grown in a secluded lush region of Espiritu Santo where the soil is light and very nutrient-dense. This kava varietal itself is a truly delightful experience acting more like a premium eastern pacific varietal than a traditional Vanuatan kava. It sports a nutty-like aroma and dark red stems that come about as the plant matures over the years.

We believe this fine version is a classic example of the varietal but leaning a bit more toward the headiness side, which we thought fitting to round out our reserve series. It is quick and potent, providing a clean headiness and heavy relaxing effect.

Like the rest of our raw kava's, this is freshly harvested then squeezed of it's raw juice. The closest thing to a fresh cup of raw kava juice outside of hopping on a plane to Espiritu itself!

Great for opening up your mind during those artistic sessions

We hope you enjoy and thank you for your continued love and support

No bark.
No fillers.
No micronized roots.
Pure kava.

latest batch numbers: 3/15/23

island of origin: vanuatu
style: bir kar
chemotype: 423561
kavalactones: 7.8%
lat/basal ratio: 30/70
batch processing: fully peeled and washed, then quickly dehydrated using proprietary method
flavor notes:
peanuts | toasted flour | light pepper flake

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