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"I've been a Kava drinker for a few years. In the past I've always made my own, but Drinkroot is awesome! I was a little hesitant about how the quality would be,
but this is some great quality kava. I travel a lot, for work and these individual packs are great to bring with me and easy to mix and make kava wherever I am at.
The quality is comparable to my favorite ground powder kava I have used to make my own."

Jason R.

" ..this product completely rocks. I love kava, but I'm not all that good at measuring out the correct dosage and 'brewing' it in the traditional manner.
What I love about Drinkroot is the prepackaged and perfect measure ... easy to use, easy on the stomach, and, well, just an easy feeling afterwards. Good stuff and well worth the price."

Kathleen M.

"I’ve had some bad experiences with kava, but it could’ve have just been a couple one-off’s.
A friend of mine recommended this brand so gave it a shot and I am sold. Clean and smooth onset, and just felt the stresses melt away."

Rob W.

"I almost gave up using kava after trying other brands with minimal success, so I kind of ordered this as a last ditch effort to keep kava in my life.
Fast forward... I've been using this product for about 2 weeks and am thrilled with the results. It definitely helps with everything it says it does and more! "

James N.

"I ordered this product to find kava I could take with me on my travels. I loved the size of the packets, easy to tuck away into pockets in a small bag and easy to use.
I just would add a packet to a water bottle and shake it up -extremely convenient, no matter where I was.
It was a great product that worked well and gave me a nice relaxed felling of well-being. I'll get it again!"

Maureen C.

"I normally don't leave reviews but I'm impressed with the product. I have tried for a couple of days and it really works.
I would suggest drinking it with an empty stomach so you can feel the real effect. I would say it last for 4 hours. Good quality."

Maxim T.

"one of the very few instant kava powders that seem to be actual noble kava - and a little does go along way-packets are very handy for on the go.
vendor is very courteous and prompt to respond."

Nikki S.

"This format really is fantastic for travel. The packets are innocuous, you're not bringing small ziplock bags of Waka through the TSA security check - the perfect solution to kava on the road, and for places where kava discretion is preferred. I'll be bringing this hiking for the end of a long hard day, and I'll be keeping it handy at my place of work."

Kalgari T.