First Timers Guide

Are you new to the world of kava? Maybe you’ve heard about it but aren’t sure what it is and what it does exactly?
Or maybe you’ve stumbled upon it while searching for ways to cope with stress or anxiety but don’t really understand how it works.

Worry not! We’re here to guide you as you start with your kava journey.
Here’s a quick Kava 101 guide that we hope can cater to the questions or curiosities you have about kava.

Let’s get started.

what is kava exactly?

Kava is a relaxing beverage, made from the root of the kava plant (piper methysticum). The plant hails from the South Islands and is crowned to be the national drink of Fiji.

It is best known for its' anti-anxiety and sedative properties. We are selling it as “instant kava”, which is dehydrated kava juice that you can easily take anywhere.

how do I drink drinkroot kava?

You have 2 options on how to enjoy drinkroot kava.

Mix it in with water:
For drinkroot dehydrated juice, you can simply mix 2 servings (2 scoops, as we typically recommend) with 8oz of water, or more, whichever amount that will best work for you.

Mix it in with any juice/drink mix:
We understand that you may not be a fan of the taste, if that's the case, you can also mix it in
with whatever juice or drink mix that you'd like, except for coffee and alcohol.

adjust your kava experience

Want to adjust your experience?
Here's a guide on how much kava you should use:

1 scoop
light elation -
perfect amount to feel calming stress relief

2 scoops*
deeper euphoria -
more intense feeling of calm

3+ scoops**
heavier sedation -
for nights needing a heavier experience

consume on empty stomach for stronger effects

*recommended for first timers
**we generally don't recommend taking more than 2 scoops.
if you do please do not operate heavy machinery.

consume on empty stomach for stronger effects

*recommended for first timers
**we generally don't recommend taking more than 2 scoops.
if you do please do not operate heavy machinery.

how can I get the best
drinkroot kava experience?

Congrats! Sit back and get comfortable. We highly recommend consumption in a comfy place like your living room where you can enjoy the experience. I believe that physical surroundings are one of the most important and overlooked aspects of drinking kava. Kava is meant to be consumed in a relaxed space away from distractions. Therefore.. CHILLLL. Take it slow.. and easy. Here’s a playlist that we curated for the best kava experience.

what should I expect after consuming drinkroot kava?

The first feelings you may recognize when drinking kava is usually the tension in the back of your neck starting to calm down and release. It feels like there was a knot that is being massaged internally. You may feel tingly sensations similar to the feelings you get when giving a hug to someone you really love and being happy to see them. There are neurochemicals being released: dopamine and serotonin. It’s similar to that.

Then after some time passes you may start to feel a calm wave of euphoria slowly wash over you. Like you’re laying down head first on this beach and the waves are gracefully lapping at your head. How relaxing is that?

Unlike alcohol, there isn't normally a moment where you slam hit a wall and you’re kava drunk. It’s much more mellow. You CAN do that if you drink copious amounts of it at once, but we don’t recommend it.

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Hopefully, this guide answers the questions you have in mind in terms of starting your kava journey.
We hope that this amazing root creates a positive impact in your daily lives as it did for us.

Last but not least, we are not medically trained physicians so everything here should not be substituted for medical advice.
We're just big enthusiast of this fantastic root.

From our family to yours, Mahalo! 🤙

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