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Earlier this year we were trying to figure out a way to give back to social causes we cared about. We quickly came to a few conclusions.

  1. It didn't make sense for us to focus only on one thing, when there are so many people we can help in the world.
  2. Although with best intentions, it didn't make sense to just donate to charities since a couple of us have seen first hand how the funds often never actually reach the people/animals who are in need. Plus it's often just a tax loophole for bigger corporations to express their "righteous morality"
  3. Lastly, the world is complex and sometimes the whole story is not being told. There are many people who care about "causes", but don't really know much about them outside of a netflix documentary. We aren't interested in virtue signaling, we want to make an actual impact we can see. 

So we decided to do something different, and a little controversial.

From now on every quarter we are dedicating 10% of our work hours to a single cause that one of our teammates cares deeply about, even if one of us may not agree with it. We believe this will not only support both our team and the social causes they believe in, but it will also accomplish the goals for each of us for:

  1. Gaining new perspective into a world we may have not known existed and grow a better understanding of the world around us, as well as how we impact it with our actions.
  2. Help to (hopefully) grow our emotional intelligence and foster true connections within communities we care deeply about
  3. Test our own convictions by seeing how true the problems and organizations we care about REALLY are. Example; Educational materials are not as important if the family does not have access to bare essentials like safe running water.

We hope you enjoy joining us on this journey. First up to win the raffle is our Operations Manager who is passionate about supporting POC and BIPOC small businesses. You will see posts from time to time regarding this as we work together to help out these businesses. If you have any questions shoot us an email

Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for a gift for the holidays?

Support these drinkroot endorsed
POC and BIPOC small businesses. Make sure to order before December 15th to get shipping before Christmas!

This list is part of our 10% pledge to support our team's passions. Click the drop down above to read more

Souline Divine - Jewelry Made Specifically For You

Recommended by Margarette

Yen and I have been friends from the time we were in high school back in Manila up to now even after moving to LA. Yen grew up making jewelry with her Grandma Sol as a form of bonding experience, which led them into starting Souline Divine. Souline Divine is a custom-made jewelry small business that promotes good energy and healing. These original one-of-a-kind pieces are made originally for each customer. When you support Souline Divine, you are supporting Yen and Grandma Sol’s dream of having their own store. Plus, you get your very own unique piece!

Kanda Chocolates - True Bean to Bar Chocolates

Recommended by Kyle

Kanda Chocolates are the only (that I know of) chocolates made in Ghana. Ghana is the 2nd largest exporter of cocoa in the world, but very little actual finished chocolate is exported. Kanda is on a mission to change that.

I immediately fell in love with Michelle’s bubbly vibrant personality and amazing journey of being a chocolatier. She is on a mission to bring the name of chocolate back to its root origins and her home country. I recommend grabbing the trio sampler, so you can pick up the nuances in each chocolate bar. They are fantastic

Choodles- Arsty Stickers

Recommended by Margarette

I met Chanel way back in the Philippines when we were young, and to my surprise, she’s friends with a lot of my common friends here in LA. Chanel is a health worker and a student by day while being an artist on the side. She designs adorable Choodles stickers inspired by the Asian-Filipino culture in her free time. You may add these stickers to your flasks, your laptops, or anything you’d want to turn cute!

Star Sky Granola - A Thoughtful Added Crunch

Recommended by Kyle

Organic, vegan, gluten-free, & delicious granola!

I met Anna while perusing the Torrance farmers market. I was first attracted by her beautiful packaging then was absolutely entranced by her story. Born in Japan she attended culinary school, worked as a pastry chef in Tokyo, left to Beijing to study Chinese medicine, Opened her first pastry shop in Macau, left to Singapore to work as an executive pastry chef, went back to Tokyo to open her cookie shop. Then moved to Sunny California in 2015 and opened her granola shop, Star Sky Granola. I recommend the Berry Delight! A scoop of this atop a bowl of Chobani Vanilla Zero is DIVINE.

Plants From Rainbow - Adding Some Life to the Room

Recommended by Margarette

I came across Plants from Rainbow on Instagram. I fell in love with their page, posts, aesthetic, and purpose. I love that they used their platform to promote social injustices. You can satisfy all your plant need when you shop at Plants from Rainbow!

Tiny Namaste Pottery - Handmade Ceramics

Recommended by Kyle

I met Christine back in college. She always had an artistic eye and used to explore the world through her camera lens. Nowadays, during the day she is a full-time hospice licensed social worker, clinical therapist, and in the after-hours, she’s a 200-RYT private yoga instructor, reiki level 1 practitioner, and runs her blossoming ceramics passion project -@tinynamasterpottery. On the weekends you’ll see her at every arts and crafts fair available in Orange County CA with her pup Subi. You can follow her entire story from the first bowl to present on her Instagram where she posts regularly!

Super Boom Foods - Freeze Dried Superfoods

Recommended by Kyle

Freeze-dried superfood bars that are out of this world delicious!

I met Angela at a plant store pop-up shop. When I tasted a sample of her freeze-dried superfoods, I was hooked. All the flavor, all the nutrients with 100x the shelf life, When was the last time you were able to enjoy truly delicious and nutritious smoothie hours deep into a hike with no blender for miles around? That’s where Super Boom Foods comes in.

Shampa's Pies - A Delicious Treat

Recommended by Aria

Shampa’s Pies was named in honor of our founding chef Haruwn Wesley’s mother-in-law Sheridan, who told him to get out of the water and start baking. He decided to do both. He built Shampa’s into a local phenomenon in Pacifica and the larger Bay Area. Haruwn passed away unexpectedly in December of 2020 doing what he loved and living his life fully expressed as a husband, father, chef, and musician. His bakery legacy lives on under the care of his family and dedicated Shampa’s crew.

I first had Shampa’s pies in high school, when my mom used to bring mini pies home. Since then we have always gone to Shampa’s Pies for big holidays, especially Thanksgiving. Chef Haruwn created a lovely experience when his customers walked through the doors. He always used organic, locally sourced ingredients.

TN Gems - Dainty Personal Jewelry

Recommended by Margarette

Everyday pieces that make you feel complete. Shop my dainty custom beaded gold, silver, rose gold, bracelet pieces that are just too gorgeous to ignore.

Tamara is the owner of TN Gems, TN winks, and a passionate pre-school teacher on the side. On top of all of her growing business, she is also a mother of two beautiful Viet-Filipino children. Shop TN gems to find the perfectly tailored gift for anyone in your life.