How to Make Strong Kava

How to Make Strong Kava

November 26, 2018

Author Ashley McCarthy / Category How To Videos / Published: Nov-25-2018

What You Will Need

Recipe - Yields about 1-2 good kava buzzes

  • 2-3 ounces of kava kava dried root powder
  • 2 ounces of full-fat coconut milk
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 strainer (nut bag, cheesecloth, etc)
  • 1 water boiler w/thermostat
  • 1 large bowl
  • Slices of Pineapple for taste

Also if this is the first time you're trying kava, we recommend to read about what kava is, a little history about the root and what you should expect to experience (read time 6 mins).



  1. Heat water until reaches 140F*
  2. Pour kava into strainer and hold standing up inside large bowl
  3. Pour coconut milk on top of the kava in the bag so it goes through the strainer

  4. Pour 140F water on top of kava in the same way

  5. Let sit and extract for 45mins - 1 hour (You can go longer. I tend to get impatient after an hour)

  6. Mash and wring out the kava through the strainer inside the bowl for 10-15 minutes (See video for example)

  7. Chill or serve immediately with pineapple slice and enjoy!


This is a slightly different process of making kava tea than the way it is normally consumed. You can substitute in soy lecithin or soy milk or even almond, for the full-fat coconut milk, I've even heard of people using olive oil.. which is a bit gross IMHO.

I believe to the best of my knowledge, the heat extraction combined with a fatty liquid and water mixture works the best for extracting the maximum number of kavalactones from the root. The reason I say this is because when I used to make kava tea with a blender in room temperature water only, I was usually able to re-use the root about 2-3 times and still get some effects, After doing this, when I try to make another batch with the same powder there is little to no effects experienced. This is anecdotal evidence and again, is what works for me. Let me know what you think and make sure to spread the love of Kava!

*I didn't point this out in the video but the heated water helps release the bonds of the kavalactones to the root. However, it is best not to go over 140F as research has shown extended amount of heat in this temperature range actually breaks the active material so it is no longer able to properly bind to the receptors in your Cannabinoid system


Enjoy Great Kava in Seconds.

No Batching Required

For the days you don't have an hour to batch

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