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The one that started it all, is back. Now in a convenient travel package, this dihydrokavain heavy blend is sure to be your perfect companion for a relaxing evening.

$32.99 for 15 packs / $61.99 for 30 packs


Why DrinkRoot Instant Kava?

When you choose to DrinkRoot, you're experiencing premium blends grown and handpicked on our state-of-the-art organic farm in the Republic of Vanuatu. Each variation of roots undergoes a strict QC analysis to ensure premium kavalactone content to match your desired experience profile. For our instant variations the kava is then blended and high quality juice is extracted to be dehydrated for your convenience.

No bark. No fillers. No micronization. Just pure kava

What does kava do

Studies have shown that kava can be effective as a natural anxiety supplement in treating symptoms commonly associated with General Anxiety Disorder and insomnia.

Dehydrated and Not Micronized

With micronized kava, the root is ground to a fine dust and consumed entirely, this includes the mass excess of root that is usually discarded. Some may experience nausea when consuming micronized kava due to sensitive stomachs that cannot process the whole of the root. Therefore, it is often advised micronized kava powder should be drank with caution. DrinkRoot's Instant mixes are NOT MICRONIZED kava. It is dehydrated kava juice



  -Rip open a packet and pour into 6-8 ounces of water.

  -Mix thoroughly until powder is blended evenly.

  -Stir between drinks as kava may settle.

  -Chomp into a fruit after each sip (to ease the bite)

Things to know

  -Kava should not be drank after meals, empty stomach is recommended.

  -Kava reverse tolerances are common. You may need to drink more than one packet your first few times as your body adjusts

  -Kava may impair your ability to drive and operate heavy machinery. Please drink responsibly


mental calming

euphoria inducing

body relaxing


"Really love this product. Makes drinking Kava at home simple and something I can do regularly. Not to mention it's great for taking on the go and traveling."

Jaime G.

"I’ve even been swapping out my free drinks at the airport lounge for a cup of kava while I wait for the plane to start boarding, since I wake up light and rested in a new country instead of nursing the nasty hangover"

Tate E.

"... we added them to our kava get together the other day and a couple of us could barely move. It was awesome... I would highly recommend mixing a packet with your current favorite to enhance the experience. "

Philip P,


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