instant connoisseur - 25g

dehydrated juice

12.5 servings

A premium blend of true noble roots from the Republic of Vanuatu.
The closest to a great cup at the nakamal outside of hopping on a plane to the island itself



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drinkroot Instant Kava starts with a careful selection of either single origin harvests or a hand selected blend of the top noble varietals, to create a unique premium mixture. Every amalgamated batch of roots first undergoes a strict QC analysis to ensure premium kavalactone characteristics and content to match your desired experience profile.

The proprietary blend is then carefully brewed and homogenized in a closed temperature controlled environment with warm filtered water to mimic traditional brew methods. After juice is pressed it is rapidly dehydrated so it can be immediately added to any liquid without any filtering needed!

No bark.
No fillers.
No micronized roots.
Pure kava.

latest batch numbers: 12/17/21

island of origin: Vanuatu
style: varietal blend
chemotype: 243516
kavalactones: 7.4%
lat/basal ratio: 40/60
batch processing: fully peeled and washed, sundried,
processed in warm r/o water, strained and quickly
dehydrated using proprietary method

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