Celebrate LIFE¬†ūüôĆ, Not Dependency

Enjoy the Night Without Sacrificing

nature intended

experience real island kava without the hassle

family owned small business


1400+ reviews

organic farming practices

as featured in ūüĎÄ

straight outa the islands


discover why natives only consume REAL traditionally brewed kava

real kava at a
whole new level


enjoy distinct differences from carefully selected blends to exquisite single-origin varietals

kahuna 25g

encounter an amplified creativity with this rare varietal

connoisseur 25g

find your zen with this classic muscle melting blend

raw epicure 25g

seize the day with this heady and cheerful blend

wakea 25g

feed your inner artist with this mind expansive varietal

statera 25g

reclaim balance with this tension soothing blend

witch doctor 25g

become one with the floor with this heavy selection

discover what is perfect for you


whether you're looking for a social lubricant on a night out, or a simple release to regain calmness again. discover and be the hero of your own journey.

adjust your experience

1 scoop
light elation -
perfect amount to feel calming stress relief

2 scoops*
deeper euphoria -
more intense feeling of calm

3+ scoops**
heavier sedation -
for nights needing a heavier experience

consume on empty stomach for stronger effects

*recommended for first timers
**we generally don't recommend taking more than 2 scoops.
if you do please do not operate heavy machinery.

consume on empty stomach
for stronger effects

*recommended for first timers
**we generally don't recommend taking more than 2 scoops.
if you do please do not operate heavy machinery.

people are talking

prioritize your health

we fork out extra ūüíĶ to ensure safe processing practices

category kava extracts drinkroot kava

extracted by water

manufactured in the US

chemotype transparency

World Health Organization approved practices

relaxation, just a scoop away

experience calm and take the first step in prioritizing your mental health

a bit about me

In my 20's I was working long hours... and binge drinking. A lot. It took a massive toll on my body, my mental health, my self respect and the relationships with people I cared about the most.

I discovered kava on accident one fateful morning and fell in love with the calming/euphoric experience. I was able to unplug, destress and stay present.

What originally started to scratch an itch, has blossomed into one of the most recognizable kava brands in America. At the drinkroot fam, we feel the frustrations you have with finding and brewing a proper grog to ease those hard days.

We've spent years drinking gallons of the best and worse kava, so you don't have to. Every drinkroot backed varietal represents the cream of the crop

Our dream is to spread the love of real kava and make it accessible to everyone.
We hope you will join us on this mission

From our family to yours, Mahalo nui loa!

-Kyle Shigekuni
founder of drinkroot

drinkroot ohana


Graphic Designer

I have an inevitable thirst for fun and exciting activities. I enjoy surfing, going to the beach, taking care of my two dogs and 30+ houseplants, traveling the world, and meeting new people.


Operations Assistant

I am trained in Inferno Hot Pilates. My favorite types of yoga are hot, yin, and sometimes vinyasa. If I am not working out on the mat, I am out on a hike with my beloved dog Sombra.


Customer Succcess

I am a lover of life and nature. I believe that everything we are going through, good or bad, will always lead us to where we are meant to be. I am a passionate dressmaker and believe that a beautiful dress has the power to make a woman's day. ūüėÜ


Founder of drinkroot

I am a forever student of life and am fascinated by everything. I'm slightly obsessed with all furry animals and would even go out of my way to feed rats in the NYC subways because they're adorable!

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