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Hello, we are drinkroot!

We're a tiny team of excited kava enthusiasts who believe in the love of kava tea and sharing kava with the world! In 2015 we started on a mission,

To spread the love of kava and make it accessible to everyone

Yes. we are a kava company, and this statement still holds true. But at the core - we are and have always been, in the business of helping others.

Over the last few years we've beek working diligently behind the scenes to uplift those in situations struggling with demons of addiction and mental health. We believe this root has a higher purpose, bigger than our little team and community. A purpose of saving and healing, of helping strangers and loveds ones, of bringing those we truly care about back to the world. Our mission is now;

To lift up others through the love of kava ❤️

Thank you for your continued support in helping us grow and being a part of the positive impact this incredible root is making on the people we love who are in pain. Stay tuned for big changes and partnerships we're brewing

From our family to yours, Mahalo! 🙆🏻‍♂️

-Kyle Shigekuni
Co-Founder drinkRoot Kava

Benefits of Kava




Carefully Formulated

drinkroot dehydrated kava juice starts with a careful selection of the top Noble kava varietals, to create a unique premium mixture. Every amalgamated batch of roots first undergoes a strict QC analysis to ensure premium kavalactone content to match your desired experience profile.

No bark. No fillers. No micronized roots.
Pure kava.

People are Talking about drinkroot

"This instant kava from Drink Root washed away my 15 year daily alcohol habit in a matter of days. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a little natural help getting through their day."

Trent P.
(Happy Customer)

"Nice mellow way to relax. I've been using this product for a while now and I have to say I really like it. I use it to help wind down when I get home from work and help me get some sleep."

(Happy Customer)

People are Talking about drinkroot

"This was too easy and I feel AMAZING! I'm not used to products exceeding the hype. I am also really excited to have stumbled on a company I feel great supporting. Mahalo!!"

(Happy Customer)

"Great taste, convenient to mix. the appearance alone seemed of high quality - I'm quite happy that it's organic."

Strawberry McDermot
(Happy Customer)

People are Talking about drinkroot

"I am having chronic anxiety and sleep issues. THIS KAVA REALLY HELPS. So, if you are starved for sleep and don’t want to line pharma pockets, please then, try this."

Hypersensitive Chick
(Happy Customer)

"I am in the midst of my first ever kava experience and I am so glad that I chose this product. I am about an hour in and my worries and anxieties are just melting away."

Joey K.
(Happy Customer)

Customer Questions

Philip P. | 11/14/17

Q: I'm a first timer. What are some suggestions?

A: Welcome to the world of kava! First off, we'd recommend you read our post on kava.
Kava is known to have a reverse tolerance so you may need two packets to start off.
Also, please enjoy on an empty stomach to try to avoid inflammatory foods beforehand.


Alex L. | 2/5/17

Q: Does kava tea have calories or carbs?

A: Although there are calories and carbs in the kava roots, most/if not all are contained
in the starches of the plant that end up being filtered out during the brewing of the tea.
The owner is quite a big fanatic about HFLC and has never had a problem being knocked out of
ketosis by a cup of kava tea (However, be careful about micronized if you're counting your macros!).


Josephine L. | 12/21/16

Q: What's the difference between kava tea and kava supplements?

A: There is a BIG difference between kava tea and kava extracts. The World Health Organization highly recommends to steer clear of kava extracts, as they tend to use solvents and questionable practices in the processing. Extract versions are under investigation as the primary reason for the
kava hepatotoxicity scare in 2003 (This includes extract capsules, tinctures, etc.).

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